Construction 03: Foundation

07/10/09 | ۩ |

This is not a real foundation. It's more exactly a concrete slab between the base and vertical structures of the cellar.
After drawing with a pencil the plan of the basement on the concrete surface, I mark off the area where I want to build the slab with 0,2 inch thick wooden planking.
That is the same thickness of the bricks I'll use to build the floor of the cellar.

To ease the setting of concrete on the surface (otherwise too smooth) I carve a grid with a bradawl and with the Dremel tool. Then I prepare the concrete (mixed with a little bit of sand) and I fill it all, levelling with a slice.

The day after I can remove the planking and clean the base from the remains of concrete.
I drill four holes at the corners of the base. According to my project there will lay the steel frame structure (you can see it in the picture below, next to the base).
Finally I decide not to use it, but I will talk more deeply about that in another post.
Anyway, here you can see the final result: perimeter walls, pillars and stairway base are perfectly shaped. Now it's time to place the hundreds of bricks I already made...



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