Construction 01: Concrete base

02/10/09 | ۩ |

7-1-2009. The work begins.
Here is the making of the reinforced concrete base.

After building a wooden frame in fixed size (30 x 40 cm) and preparing a plain surface to lean it, now I can make the concrete.

As I don't know the correct dosis of sand, water and concrete I have to use, I try to search some information on the web, finding (of course) all and its opposite.
Most common hints seem to indicate dosis of concrete, water and sand in this ratio: 1/1/2.
I realize the mixture and throw it in the mould, inserting a stainless wire netting and let it standing under a wet cloth to avoid fissures.

In spite of this, the result is a failure. The day after the base is dry, but it's very fragile and the edges crumble away with a simple touch. Apparently there is an excess of sand. False start, then.

I rebuild the frame and repeat the whole process, this time using the same amount of concrete and sand. The new base is resistant and doesn't crumble. So now I can go ahead with the work...


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