How is a brick (re)born?

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  1. Collect a brick. The world is full of old abandoned bricks awaiting adoption. Better if it's ancient, but be careful: it will keep inside the memory of the building it belonged to, so avoid structures such as prisons, hospitals, slaughterhouses and the like. 
  2. Split, cut, saw, file ... until you get the desired shape. Do not throw away the leftovers, they can be used to fill the walls mixed with stones and concrete. Sure, some of the material will end up in dust, but it will return to the ground like everyone else. "Ashes to ashes, etc ..." I didn't say that. 
  3. Put a drop of glue where you want to insert the new brick and place it with the help of tweezers. Make sure it's in the right position, otherwise you'll have to repeat the job and the foreman will deduct the lost time from your pay. 
  4. Before laying the next row of bricks, wait until the glue is completely dry. When your turn is over, drop by to collect your pay and have a drink on my health, but go home before curfew!

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