[ENG] Construction 125: The “crêuza” alley (part 2) - iron chain and finishing touches

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Let’s go on with the construction of the side alley where we left it in the previous chapter.

At the end of that chapter I mentioned an element that could be glimpsed in the pictures but about which I didn’t say anything: I was talking about the chain.

The new curbstone, inserted into the ground at the beginning of the ramp, also has the function of supporting the chain that marks the water ditch. The last ring of the chain (the same one used for the trap door of the warehouse and the prison) is inserted into the wall of the tower through an iron hook.

This had to be the final look of the chain. Then, noting the chromatic difference between the iron parts and the gray and so perfect chain, I thought that if I could make a small chain with a rusty thread myself, the result would have been definitely better.

No sooner said than done. With the help of the pincers and a little patience I put together 23 rings made with a thin metal wire and more in tone with the rest.

At this point I can take care of the flooring with the necessary finishing touches: sanding, filling joints, painting...


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