[ENG] Construction 123: Side alley underground structures - the drain

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Now that the underground river is finally closed, I can start thinking about the duct that should channel rainwater (and any domestic drains) to the main tunnel.

In fact, before doing this, I will insert another pair of slate strips to bring the outer covering to street level. To cut the slate according to the correct road inclination, I use the Dremel diamond wheel, adequately protecting my face with glasses and a handkerchief, as it is a dry cut the dust abounds.

With the diamond tip instead, I make the hole through which the pipe containing the torch cable must pass and a small arc over the side duct.

Inside the vault I had inserted the mouth of an amphora to use it as a drain, so that will be the starting point for the new work. I begin with the laying of some thin slate slabs that will form the bottom of the duct, to place then a first row of bricks on both sides. Having done this, I can partially fill the subsoil of the main street, permanently hiding the extrados of the long brick vault from view.


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