[ENG] Construction 122: Underground river (part 4) - fauna, flora and... water!

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Last chapter (this time for real) dedicated to the construction of the underground tunnel.

In summary, here are the steps that brought me here:
(1) laying the bed of stones for the river bed;
(2) construction of walls
(3) interior finishing.

Now, despite the finishes touches with cement and abrasive paper have already been made, various details remain to be fixed before being able to definitively close the tunnel by placing the vaults. First of all the varnishing, which I will do with the usual transparent enamel.

In this phase I add an element that will enrich the interior of the tunnel with a touch of realism: the moss.

I’ve select a few tufts from the material collected in the street and now I insert them between the stones while the varnish is still wet, spraying some glue all over them. When the tunnel is closed it will no longer be possible to observe the walls from the front, so I make sure that the vegetation protrudes from the wall making itself clearly visible. Of course, over time the moss will dry out, but I hope the glue will help keeping at least part of its original color.

Now that I have equipped the river with a flora, it’s time to think about the fauna...



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