[ENG] Construction 121: Underground river (part three) - interior finishing

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I realize only now that this chapter will be exceptionally long due to the amount of pictures. Being the third one that I dedicate to the construction of the underground river I will not dwell any further, showing directly its closure and finishing.
However, the publication of a fourth post will be inevitable. There I will finally show the look of this underground structure (for those who missed them, the first two parts have been published as Construction 116 and 117).

The basic construction is practically completed, even if it lacks all the finishing touches and some details that we will see later. First of all I will deal with the roofing, smoothing the intrados of the vaults with sandpaper and correcting the stone arch that was slightly crooked.
Then, here is one of the details I mentioned before: the insertion of a drain pipe inside the second vault.

On the surface, the alley will present a water channeling system (rainwater or otherwise), which will be conveyed towards the tunnel through a small opening in the vault.

To make the hole I use a tiny pot to which I have eliminated the bottom with the diamond wheel...



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