[ENG] Construction 110: Finishing touches on the warehouse

26/03/19 | ۩ |

Before proceeding to the final closing of the ground floor with the laying of the wooden floor, I have to deal with some outstanding issues within the warehouse and adjacent rooms.

The walls are now complete and even the doors are in place and fully functional. The floor still needs general cleaning, as a considerable amount of dust has accumulated during the work.
However, there are still some incomplete structures. One of these is the trapdoor, which although apparently finished, still lacks an essential element: the lifting system of the grating.
Let's try to remedy this lack.

First I remove some of the bricks that form the circular "step" on which the metal grate rests and replace them with two stone elements of the same shape.
On the inner side these pieces are equipped with a slot in which the iron pins will be inserted. The pins will rotate, guiding the movement of the grating from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice versa.

The wire pieces are inserted together on the edge of the grate and the whole thing is mounted while the glue that fix the stones is still fresh and allows their movement.
Finally, at the opposite end of the grating the first ring of a chain is inserted. It will pass through a loop placed on the wall, allowing the lifting of the cover.
Two fingers are enough for me, but a couple of strong men should be able to lift it without problems...

Another element that was missing inside the warehouse was a torch. In this case, I'll just install a simple wall torch left-over from the basement, avoiding electric bulbs.
Making the holes on the wall is more difficult than expected due to the limited maneuvering space. The result is shallow holes that alone are not sufficient to support the weight of the torch.

The good Costatino volunteers to act as a support, waiting for the glue to dry. Then, as already happened, he falls into a trance. Fortunately at that point the glue had hardened enough...

Now the interior of the warehouse is complete, except for any accessories that I can add later.

It remains to furnish definitively the service room/woodshed, for which I have already prepared all the individual elements that will compose it: the lumberjack saw, the axe and the log on which it will be inserted, as well as some pieces of freshly cut wood.

In the next post I will definitely close the ground floor by installing the wooden slab...

slate, wire, vinyl glue, costume jewelery chain, twigs
pincers, tweezers, sandstone, files, Dremel tool with small drill point


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