[ENG] Construction 108: Lunette of the main door - Finishing touches and assembly

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As I anticipated in the first part, before the final assembly I proceed to modify the elements inside the lunette, eliminating the engravings on the moldings.
In a book that I consulted in the library, the aforementioned moldings are called polygonal rings. So I'll follow this "official" nomenclature.

The frame of the lunette is now complete and I can proceed with the assembly of the different parts: first of all the two-colored arch and the background stones. Then, after filling the joints with the usual cement grout, it is the turn of the frescoed plaster and the rings.

In the meantime I carry on the construction of a lowered stone arch that will close the doorway by matching it with the inner side of the lunette. The cardboard support is the same used for lombard band and for the arches in the service room.

Once the whole thing is fixed with glue, I can finally admire the main door crowned by its lunette.

And apparently I'm not the only one.

The curious passers-by turn to look at the fresco and some of them stop on the porch to observe it in detail. A man with whom I happen to speak objects that the shape of the shield is not the conventional one. Clearly he's an expert, so I decide to listen to him and make some small changes to the drawing.
The advantage of making the fresco by myself without calling a master from another town, is precisely to be able to retouch the work at any time.
In this case, the tip of the cutter is sufficient to change the edge of the shield and correct the shape of the cross...

slate, vinyl glue
pincers, tweezers, sandpaper, hacksaw, cardboard, putty knife


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