Construction 26: Jailhouse door

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After the construction of the railings, it's time to think about the entrance door of the jail...
At first I thought to build a real door, similar to the iron gate I made to close the tunnel. Then, considering the use of the cage, and after a look to some picture on the web, I opt for a smaller door.  Everybody who gets in the jail has to low his head and lift a foot at a time.

In the pictures below you can see the railings before the operation and two studies I've made to figure out how it'd look when finished: the left door is made of an iron sheet while the other is built using the same old wire.
My choice is the first one, but hinged to the left instead of the top.

The first problem I face is the cutting of the railings. The short bars can't self-sustain without moving, so I need to twist the edge of the wire.
After some clumsy attempt and the replacing of a pair of bars (not documented by any photo), I finally reach my goal.

Second problem: cutting the sheet and its processing.
A few months ago I picked up a short pipe covered with a thin metallic sheet. I've thought it could have been useful.
As usual, I've only done what I always do: collecting trash. I find useful 2 or 3 junks every 10 I bring home, but without this insane passion my project would hardly go on.

After skinning the pipe and cleaning the sheet from barnish, I scratch it with sandpaper and I put it under water to see what happens (still I don't know how to use it).
The composition of the sheet must be partially ferrous, but the oxidation process is quite slow (two weeks under water). Anyway, the result is good and even better than simple iron, where rust usually takes a brighter color.

To cut the sheet, I previously mark the edge of the door with a pencil. Then, beating on my personal anvil with hammer and chisel (a single sharp blow) I carve the four sides till I break the piece.
The holes to insert the hinges are made in the same way but using a nail.
Of course I make all this very carefully to save my fingers from chisel and wearing a pair of glasses to protect my eyes.

I didn't take pictures of this operation neither, but the final result looks like this:

Last touch: a thin rusty coat to hide the scratches and a quick burn with a lighter.

So... I admit it could be more accurate and maybe its look is not so realistic, but it's the first time I work with iron and could be worse.
What's more, it works and now it's ready to be mounted on the jail...


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