[ENG] Construction 111: Mezzanine wooden frame (3) - varnishing and laying

17/04/19 | ۩ |

It's time to complete the construction of the wooden floor and proceed with the closing of the warehouse.

The structure of beams, joists and planks is already mounted in a single block except for the staircase, which I will place later. It only needs to be finished with the usual transparent varnish.

After having brushed all the surfaces, even in the less accessible areas, I leave the pieces to dry in a ventilated place for a couple of days until the paint is completely absorbed.

Then I can proceed to the final assembly.

I take advantage of this moment to give a final cleaning and "polishing" to the floor of the warehouse with the back of a nail (soon I will get a more suitable tool for this kind of work).
Then I glue the base of the column verifying that its position is perfectly vertical and that it coincides with the opening in the floor. Finally I can insert the slab itself without the use of glue, fitting the beams and joists into the slots previously made on the walls.

Now it is the turn of the staircase, dipped of glue respectively on the upper and lower ends of the uprights. Its insertion is a precision work that I do with tweezers, since I could not reach the inside of the warehouse with my hand. The difficulty lies in placing it directly in the final position avoiding to dirty the floor with glue smudging.
In this case the operation succeeds, even if the photo is slightly moved due to the emotion of the moment.

Except for the inclusion of any accessories inside it, the construction of the ground floor of the warehouse ends here, and this is how it looks:

wood, contact glue, vinyl glue, transparent varnish
tweezers, brush, nail


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