[ENG] Construction 105: Mezzanine wooden frame (2) - the flooring

29/10/18 | ۩ |

Second chapter dedicated to the construction of the wooden frame.

After the beams and the joists, is now the turn of the flooring that will cover the warehouse except for the holes of the staircase and the trapdoor.

I start cutting the boards to fill the whole area, laying them temporarily over the joists. Then I cut them in segments (all the same lenght) alternating the joints as you can see in the pictures.

Flooring the whole surface reveals to be a longer task than I expected, not due to especial technical issues, but because of its extension and the small size of the boards.

As often occurs, the work begins at daylight an goes on under the lamp, while I entertain my brain (part of it) with music or a new series on my laptop.
When I took the picture below I was watching the second season of "The walking dead"...

Back to the job. The assembling of the boards has finished and I can finally appreciate what the floor look like from above. And on the other side the structure looks finished too. It just needs one more step before the final laying: the varnishing.
Oops, the staircase also lacks one step, but not only figuratively speaking... Let's make it!

No doubt, the best view point is from inside the warehouse. The perspective of the joists and the effect of different light sources add to the structure an extra touch of realism, although it's not so clear in these "working takes". I'll try to repeat them in the future.

And I realize that we reached the thousandth picture... Congratulations!

wooden slats for hobby modeling, contact glue
cutter, file, tweezers
SIZE (en cm):
boards: 0,3 (width) x 0,1 (thickness) x 5,5 (maximum lenght)


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