[ENG] Construction 103: Wooden staircase

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Before the finishing of the beam structure I'll need to create the connection between the mezzanine and the ground floor. That is, the staircase.

I have in mind a very simple structure, two long stringers and horizontal boards to make the steps. The resulting slope should be similar to the staircases I previously made.
In a service room as the warehouse is, the staircase could present a higher slope or could be replaced with a ladder, but in that case it would be also harder to climb.
The mezzanine floor, besides the storing of goods, will include a small office area where the master will keep his accounts and where he will possibly receive some high-value client. So it must be comfortable and easy to reach!

As for the materials, while the floor structure has been made with wooden slats especially bought for that purpose, the staircase will be totally assembled with waste material.
In fact the stringers were cut from a beam left over after the early tests, while the steps... came from a wooden fan. Its owner (my mother-in-law) kindly accepted to give it to me, even foreseeing that the fan itself wasn't the topic of my interest.

So, after removing the plastic leaf, I cut the sticks in half obtaining a good amount of planks for the construction of my staircase (and who knows what more?)

The match with the stringers, made using contact glue, is facilitated by the carving of grooves that will house both ends of the planks. I press the head of a screwdriver (similar in size to the steps) into the wooden surface, inserting then the boards on one side until I get a sort of comb.

Actually I could have done it otherwise, placing the planks one by one on both stringers...
This way the assembly of the second stringer turns out to be harder, as every plank must match perfectly with its groove and keep at the same time the horizontal alignment of the steps.

On this one it works this way, but I'll try to improve my technique for the future...

Now, I watch the warehouse finally taking shape thanks to the new structures. Some elements are still missing and the staircase will need some further adjustments to match the ground floor and the upper beam, so I'll let it movable.
I'll keep working inside the room, sticking together every piece only when all it's finished.

wood, Spanish supermarket promotional fan, contact glue

tweezers, clamp, cutter, sandpaper, screwdriver

SIZES (in cm):
width: 2,8;
length of stringers: 9,8;
riser: 0,65;
planks: 0,5 x 2,5 x 0,15;
number of steps: 14 (+ 1 added afterward).


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