[ENG] Construction 101: Stone corbels and brick arches

12/02/18 | ۩ |

I already explained here (in italian only, for now) the reasons that brought me to modify the right side of the Domus adding a protruding structure. Now it's time to move from words to deeds!

The wall needs to be adjusted to insert the stone corbels that will bear the arches. Moreover, the last line of stones is not perfectly integrated with the rest of the wall, as the ashlars are slightly bigger that the others. A further reason to tear it down (partially).

So I can start removing those stones and cutting the underlying blocks to make room for the corbels. Operation successfully achieved with the diamond cutting wheel of my Dremel tool.
This first set of corbels sticks out from the wall for half its lenght and the full depth of the overhanging structure will be reached by a second line of stones.

Now is also necessary to fill the empty wall between every corbel, bringing the masonry to the base of the arches.
The corbels are equally distant from each other until the fourth, that will bear a longer arch.
The construction of a different arch is merely an aestethic choice to make it perfectly central in relation with the side door of the warehouse, enhancing this way its presence.

I decide to use bricks instead of stones to build the arches, once again for an aestethic reason. I'd like to break the grey uniformity of the wall with a touch of color.

(Note: I'll soon regret this choice and all you're going to see next will soon be changed... things that happen in a construction site!)

As usual, I build my arches over a temporary support, made this time with a rounded-end slat (another piece of an old wooden beach umbrella that gave so much to the Domus!).

Once the construction of the arches is finished I add more stones to the wall, making its shape match perfectly with the curve of the intrados.

The following step is the finishing of the arches with files and sandpaper; then it's time to fill the joints with grout, and finally (before the laying) the varnishing with a matte enamel.

Now the protruding structure is finished and the wall can keep growing, leaving inside the warehouse enough space to insert the mechanism of the pulley.
Before it reaches the first floor, the wall should withdraw again to its normal size, being closed by a small pitched roof (see again my preparatory studies). Another decision that I will change in the near future.

Last topic for this post: the covering of the arches with new stones until the level of the string course.

And now that the perimeter has reached a good height, I need to work again on the inside, filling the walls and constructing the slab for the mezzanine floor...

slate, cement, Das bricks, vinyl glue, transparent enamel
tweezers, pincers, Dremel tool with diamond wheel, files, sandpaper, wooden slat, brushes
SIZES (in cm):
small arches: 1,5 (depth) x 2,3 (width) x 0,7 (height at the intrados);
bigger arch: 1,5 x 5,8 x 0,7;
stone corbels: 0,6 (width) x 0,7 (height) x 1,7 (depth);
bigger corbel: 2,3 (width);
full protrusion: 1,1


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