[ENG] Construction 99: Walls and pillars of the loggia

22/12/17 | ۩ |

The walls of the warehouse have almost reached the height of the mezzanine floor, in the same way as the walls and the pillars have grown inside of the main loggia. The pillars only lack the small protruding frame that separates the shaft from the base of the arches, distinctive feature of this side of the Domus.
Before I can work on the frame I need to complete the walls, still not perfectly aligned in spite of my frequent measurements. Some walls stick out more than others, particularly inside the small loggia, so they'll need a good filing session (something impossible to do after the laying of the frame).

So, I remove all the parts still not glued (rings, lintels, torches) and I start working with the square file, to which I took away the handle to ease its use.

Another operation that I've been planning for a long time and I can finally carry out is the bevelling of the central pillar. This will differentiate it from the others, giving it a lighter shape.
The model I used in this case are the porticos of Sottoripa (the Genoa's medieval skyline).
I'll probably show you something in the next future, but you can google it to see more.

The frist step is to draw the new corners of the pillar directly on the stone with a pencil. After that, I just need to follow the lines with files (square and round at both ends) and the edges will take the wanted shape.

Unfortunately, the finished pillar needs to be rectified because I realize that it still lacks a line of blocks to reach the level of the frame (and not only this pillar, but all of them).
Once the walls have been raised and the glue has dried, I can extend the bevel to the new stones, bringing it to its right level.
Now the pillar is really finished.

Pleased with my work, I decide to polish the rest of the walls of the loggia, giving the surfaces a more homogenous look.

And after this patient operation the walls are ready to receive the stone frame...

slate, vinyl glue
pencil, ruler, files, sandpaper with different grit sizes
MEASURES (in cm):
pillars height: 7,5
bevel width: 0,5


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