[ENG] Construction 98: Floor of the warehouse (part 4)

07/12/17 | ۩ |

This time I need to take a step back from my previous post to show the finalization of the warehouse's floor.

After filling the joints with cement I've been working on the walls and other elements of the warehouse, leaving the finishing touches for the last minute, before the laying of the slab (so to spare the room from dust).

Actually, avoiding dust looks to be a mere illusion. I try to isolate the inside while I'm polishing the walls, but it's not so effective.
Anyway, it's almost time to lay the beams, so I can start varnishing the floor.
No, wait! The inner perimeter of the shaft still needs to be polished...

If you see here some new element I didn't talk before, don't panic! I'll tell you about it in one of the next posts.

About the varnish, it's a simple transparent coat of the same product I used on the other floors and all the brick structures I made.
At first my intention is to varnish only the brick squares, leaving the stone stripes as they are to avoid slate to become darker. I take a pointed round brush and start the precision work, but after a few smears I realize that it's an unnecessary care, so I opt for an integral varnishing, carrying it out with my old flat brush.
Even when varnished, the slate could get back to its gray tone by simply getting stone dust all over it and rubbing it with a finger (the old good "dusting" method I used on the basement floor).

The final look of the floor is not so bad (see picture below), so I consider varnishing the walls too. Perhaps I'll do it only in some parts, as the brick arches or the stone wall of the tower that looks very pale due to the wider cement joints.

For now I clean my brushes and let the floor dry...

transparent matted varnish for wood, cement
sandpaper, cardboard (to collect dust), brushes, sponge


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