[ENG] Construction 97: Doors of the warehouse (part 4)

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Last post dedicated to the construction of the warehouse's doors.

To sum it up: we've seen the construction of the wooden shutters (1), the drilling of the thersholds (2) and the construction of the walls with the laying of the lintels (3). Now it's time to finish the structure on the inside closing the doorways with arches and assembling all the pieces.

As expected, the harder parts to build are the stone rings that must match perfectly with the arches, being aligned at the same time with the holes on the threshold.
In the pictures I used as a reference, these parts unfold at a time the role of loops for the door and voussoirs of the arch, resulting in a very complex shape.

The small rings must be shaped on the clamp with files and then drilled. This is a delicate operation and I'm repeatedly forced to start from the beginning due to the break of stone. Finally I succeed putting together four passable looking rings.

After placing some thin ashlar to reach the impost of the arch, I can definitivaly glue the lintels, blocking this way the central pillar that tended to lean out toward the loggia. I also take the chance to add a little handle to the door.

And now is the turn of the arches, assembled on a cardboard rib and then shaped to be placed on the door frame.

The height of the extrados should not exceed the height of the main beams to allow the laying of the joists, that here will be inserted directly into the wall.
In the picture below you can see how the main beam and the arch result perfectly horizontal.

Ok, I can finally glue all the elements (I couldn't wait to do it!), and then complete the construction of the wall.
Now both doors are permenently blocked between the arches and the floor and is not possible to remove them, although the opening movement works good.
Check it out:

slate, vinyl glue, iron wire (for the handle)

tweezers, pincers, files, sandpaper, hacksaw, clamp, level, cardboard, Dremel tool with drill bit

SIZE (in cm):
Width and depth of the arches: 5 x 1,7
Height at the extrados: 8
Stone rings: (depth) 0,8; (height and width) variables; (hole diameter) 0,3;


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