[ENG] Construction 95: Main door (4) - Lintel and upper hinges

06/11/17 | ۩ |

The last time I talked about the main door was during the varnishing of the floor. Now it's ready to be permanently fastened to the walls, inserting the hinges and finishing the stone jambs.

Both jambs reached the level of the lintel, which is beared by two marble corbels. This alternation of stones is very common in churches and public palaces and gives to the main entrance a richer look.

The corbels are being carved with metal files (a round file and a flat file used edgewise) while blocked by the clamp

The lintel will be layed onto the corbels and will remain temporary removable to make the access easier to my fingers and the tools.
Anyway, you can easily imagine the final appearance of the door by looking it from the outside:

Meanwhile, on the inside, I can finally set the third pair of hinges on both shutters. It's not a new job, so it runs smoothly. I only need to align the new pieces with the lower hinges to make the shutters turn correctly and fit each other when the door is closed...

slate, marble, iron wire, vinyl glue

tweezers, files, pincers, sandpaper, clamp

SIZES (in cm):
corbels: 1 x 0,8
lintel: 4 x 0,8
door (stone frame): 6,3 x 3,4
distance of the hinges from the floor: 6,3


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