[ENG] Construction 94: Stone striped column (part 3) - the capital

27/10/17 | ۩ |

The finalization of the column has been delayed and passed through two different stages, mainly due to a miscalculation.
The top piece of the shaft, basically an extension of the column provided with two corbels to bear the slab, has been made at the same time of the very own shaft. Following the alternate black and white horizontal stripes, I thought it had to be white colored, so I carved it on marble.
As I didn't trust on its resistance, I worked on the stone very carefully, worrying for a break that fortunately did not happen.

But after a new measurement, the insertion of a new segment of the column is required to make it reach the final height (now correctly measured), and it becomes obvious that I can't use the white stone. The new capital must be black and I have to start from the beginning, this time with slate.
So I cut the corbels of the old piece, carved sooo carefully during the first part of the work, and I add it to the shaft as a simple octogonal element.

The making of the new piece goes on without any hitches, thanks to a scrupulous selection of the stone. As a matter of fact, some slate bars are quite fragile and tend to break wrongly, while some others prove to be very hard and difficult to polish.

A last square block will end the column, reaching the planking level of the mezzanine floor and working as a stand for the upper column (as you can see in this short video).

With these new-made pieces I can finally close the making of the column, using it as a reference for the height of all the stone corbels of the warehouse.

Placed in the middle of the room, the column will bear the beams that connect with the side walls. On the other hand, the joists, arranged perpendicularly to the main beams, will reach the front wall and a longer beam placed on the back side.

This last picture belongs to one of the many assembling tests I made, carried out with the column still on its "beta" version...

clamp, files, sandpaper, Dremel tool with diamond cutting wheel
gray slate, white marble, vinyl glue


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