[ENG] Construction 93: Ashlar vault (part 2) - closing of the service room

23/10/17 | ۩ |

The ashlar vault I built using slate scraps is sized on the perimeter of the service room that connects the warehouse to the woodshed. In spite of that, I need to give the finishing touches to the walls in order to adjust them to its curve before the final laying. This was indeed an easy task when I was working on clay brick walls, but it may be a little harder on real stone...

Anyway, in the following picture (taken when the work was already done) you can see the rounded walls above which the vault will be placed. In the foreground, the stone striped column and other pieces temporarily placed to verify the exact height of the lintels.
I'll talk about it on another post.

Once the work on the walls is done, I can set down the brick arches testing the joint of the vault.

Afterwards (but I could have done it before) I fill the joints of the vault with grout, rounding its shape with sandstone.

Now the vault is ready to be permanently settled. I'm not going to use any glue this time, only cement.
As a way to avoid empty spaces between vault and walls I lay a coat of cement all along the perimeter, removing the exceeding material on the inside after the laying of the vault.

Once again it's a delicate task and it needs precision and patience due to the small space in which I must move my hand. I can only "see" part of the interior by placing my webcam into the room and taking pictures to verify how it looks.
A sort of endoscopy of the Domus.

But now the service room is really finished.

I will also place another simple wall torch near the entrance of the woodshed. No electrical system at this level. On the upper floors I would not be able to manage the presence of cables making them easy to remove in case of need. Anyway we're on the back side here and it's open, so there will be enough light.

The decoration of this part of the ground floor will be completed with the insertion of a stump and the miniature tools I already made. All the young apprentices will have the opportunity to show their skills chopping some wood.

The next step of the construction will be the completion of the whole warehouse, so now I need to plug this side to protect it from dust.

I'll end this post showing you one last picture, actually a test to preview the future corner of the woodcutter...

gravel, slate, cement, vinyl glue, iron wire, toothpick and earring (for the torch)

tweezers, putty-knife, sandstone, files, pick, brush, black marker


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