[ENG] Construction 92: Under-stair closet (3) - the woodshed

16/10/17 | ۩ |

The construction of the inder-stair coset is now in its final stage. In the previous posts I described the laying of the floor and the raising of its walls, then the making of two segmental arches and the stone vault of the service room.
At the same time I made some miniature tools (a saw and an axe) that will be used to decorate the woodshed, now almost closed by the structure of the staircase.

It would not be a bad idea to finish the narrow room before the placing of the vault, otherwise very hard to reach. There will be placed the logs and a pile of firewood.
In this case the material I used coincides with its real model: in fact, the pile is made of small branches picked up into the Woods and glued them together after removing the cortex.

Here again, as for the pantry, the objects will be fixed to the floor to avoid displacements or loss.

Now that the firewood has been placed into the woodshed, I can finally go on with the construction of the staircase and the service room... but wait, I have another good idea!
Let's plug (temporary) one of the the arches to prevent  the accumulation of dust inside the room...

Branches, vinyl glue, packaging material

tweezers, cutter, putty knife

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