[ENG] Construction 91: Doors of the warehouse (part 3)

26/09/17 | ۩ |

I'm going to deal for the third time with the doors of the warehouse.

As the walls keep growing taller (below, a bird's eye view of the building site), the jambs also start taking form and I can finally complete the closing system of the doors, especially the one on the right.

The slot made into the wall is deep enough to house the turning bolt that will lock the door from the inside.

I often check the alignment of the doors as the construction goes on. Now the wooden shutters stand for themselves, although they will remain movable until the laying of the upper rings. 

Then, once the predetermined height has been reached, I make the stone arched corbels that will close the jambs, supporting the lintels.

The new challenge is to complete the wall  by making every single part reaches the same height. After some file strokes, I can carry out the first placing test of my lintels.

The final assembly of the shutters and the placement of the stone arches will need some more work (and a further post about this topic), but the warehouse doors looks almost finished from the outside, and it repays me for all my effort...

slate, gravel, vinyl glue

pincers, files, tweezers, sand paper


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