[ENG] Construction 90: Main entrance - finishing touches and corrections

21/08/17 | ۩ |

Now that the vault of the service room has been placed, let's swing by the other side of the Domus to take a look to the main entrance!

After the construction of the niche, the walls kept growing, and in the meantime I finished some 'secondary' operation projected long time ago. I'm not going to build any new element this time, just making adjustments and retouching existing parts.

The first operation is the restoration of the cellar door, which framework is lacking of a plank since its first assembling.
Inserting the piece is not so easy, due to the impossibility of removing the door from the hinges. Finally I succeed and put the door under pressure with a small clamp.

Second intervention: varnishing of the main door and removing of some iron elements to substitute vinyl glue with contact glue (it has a lower visual impact on small objects).

But I'd better say "oiling" than "varnishing", as it is simply olive oil brushed on wood.
Now the wood takes a stronger tone and gets cleaned from the dust coat gathered during the last construction stages.

Another operation is the drilling of a hole on the doorstep to place a vertical bolt on the right shutter (operation made with the Dremel tool).

During the last few months, the door and the stone bench kept moving in and out the entrance, removed every time the dust (slate dust, clay dust or marble dust) threatened to submerge them.
The only parts I couldn't protect adequately are the cellar door and the tiled floor, which colors appear now quite duller.

So I decide to repeat the varnishing operation on these elements. I don't use oil this time to avoid turning the white tiles yellow. A transparent varnish for oil paintings, bought on purpose, works good.

Once the walls reach the half height of the door, I place the new iron hinges into the jambs to better control the balance of the shutters.
At the same time, on the outer side of the wall, two metal earring pieces will serve as a support for the wall torches (we'll see them later).

And here we are again. Another shift has finished on the Domus working site. We can now close the door and say goodbye.
See you next time!


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