[ENG] Construction 89: Ashlar vault (part 1)

29/06/17 | ۩ |

I revealed it in advance in the previous post and here it is: my first stone vault!

It is a cross vault made with irregular shaped stones, very common in rural or military structures. Sometimes stone are fitted together without any binder material, just strenghtened with slivers or chocks on the intrados after the removal of the wooden rib.
In my case I use vinyl gue to put stones together and concrete as final binder.

But let's start from the beginning: once again, I need a temporary structure over which I can build the vault before the final laying. The plaster mould made for the basement vaults doesn't work this time, because the shape of the arches is not the same. To avoid wrecking this model (it could turn out to be useful in the future), I decide to work on a new modeling clay support.
So I put the clay over a wooden board and give it the right shape with a putty knife.
Now I can start the laying of stones.

In this circumstance, I take the opportunity to recycle some wasted slate scraps put aside during the construction of walls. So it proves to be a good idea not to throw it all away.

The assemply of the vault starts from the middle to reach the base, exactly the contrary compared with the method used at a real size.
The arrangement of stones is in rows and is the same used for the brick vaults.

That's all!
In the next chapter I'll finish the vault with concrete and I'll place it over the walls of the service room.
The Domus is still growing...

modeling clay, slate, vinyl glue

putty knife, wooden board, tweezers, files, pincers, sandpaper

SIZES (in cm):
perimeter: ± 7 x 7
height (from the base to the intrados): 1
thickness: 0,5 / 1


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