[ENG] Construction 88: Segmental arches

20/06/17 | ۩ |

Let's go on with the wall structure, but without leaving the area of the service room.
Now I'm going to build two brick arches that will bear (partially) the vault, and a smaller arch over the door of the woodshed.

In contrast with the round arches of the basement, the new structures will be segmented arches, characterized by a limited height.
Being the first time that I make this kind of arch, I will need a new support. I decide to use cardboard cut outs, but assembled in such a way to avoid deformations during the laying and the drying of the glue.
The new rib, which will be used for both main arches, looks like a little box and is hold together only by contact glue.

The laying of bricks is not different from what I've made in other circumstances (assembling round arches, for example), and goes on very quickly.

The small woodshed arch is actually the first to be finished (it has already shown here) and proves to be a little harder, as it must coincide with the irregular stones of the tower. The wall over which it rests makes a small corner in correspondance to the doorstep, so the arch will be slightly longer on the inside of the woodshed. I'm not sure that it sounds clear in words, but you can see it better in the picture above to the right.

The stone blocks at both ends of the arch are appropriately shaped with files to join the slope of the bricks. Before the final laying the arch is polished, grouted and varnished.

These operations take place at different times, alternating with the work on other elements of the construction. In the following picture, for example, the arches have been removed to varnish the floor. At the same time I need to work on the column, the doors and the staircase, to make the building grow homogeneously in every part.

The last step before the completion of the vertical structure of the service room is the extension of the walls opposed to the arches to give them the shape of the vault. It results more difficult than into the basement, where the same operation had been made on soft bricks. But I'll talk next time about the vault, as it represent another newness inside the Domus: a stone vault!

Das bricks, cardboard, vinyl glue, contact glue, slate (for the wall)

tweezers, files, pincers, Dremel tool with sandpaper wheel, scissors, cutter, sandpaper

SIZES (in cm):
Arch 1 (door of the woodshed)
width: 2,5
depth: woops, the vault has been closed already and I can't measure it :-(
height (from base to extrados): 0,3
Arch 2 (back side)
width: 5,7
depth: 2,4
height: 0,8
Arch 3 (warehouse)
width: 5,2
depth: 2,3
height: 0,8


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