[ENG] Construction 87: Wooden manhole

05/05/17 | ۩ |

Last working session to end the construction of the little well, which started with the cross vault and then continued with the laying of the floor.
Now, similarly to what I've done when making the manhole in the warehouse, I can dip the round edge to close the hole with a wooden cover. This way the floor of the service room will be totally walkable.

The sandpaper wheel has the same diameter of the manhole and this makes things easier. I only need to lean it on the edge and slightly press until it reach the level I need to insert the cover.
The rubber that previously closed the well has been placed underside to avoid the fall of dust inside the basement.

When the rabbet on the edge of the manhole has been made, it's time to make the cover.
I draw two circles on a self-adhesive paper, which diameters correspond to the inner and outer perimeter of the manhole.

I cut out both disks, applying them to small wooden boards that I previously cut. Then, I remove the material that exceeds the borders with a cutter and I glue together the so obtained planchets, keeping paper on the outside. The smaller disk must be positioned perfectly central in respect to the other, leaving a homogeneous rabbet that will be the exact negative of the one I dug on the floor.

When the glue starts to grip, I can remove very carefully the paper, leaving the piece under pressure until it's totally dry. Now I polish the edges of the cover with a file, cutting out a half moon to allow the opening of the manhole once it's placed on the floor.

Finally, not very convinced by this opening system, I decide to place a small iron ring closer to the middle of the cover. This could be a danger if you're walking there in the dark, but remember what I said about the stone step: we're inside a medieval building, so paying attention to where you put your feet is a simple matter of survival, as well as your own responsibility. My insurance policy doesn't cover domestic accidents!

wooden boards, iron wire, self-adhesive paper, contact glue

tweezers, pincers, files, Dremel with homemade sandpaper wheel, table clamp, cutter, compass, scissors

SIZE (in cm):
outer diameter: 2,3
inner diameter: 1,8
thickness: 0,4
ring diameter: 0,5


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