[ENG] Construction 86: Courtyard door (3)

20/04/17 | ۩ |

We left the courtyard door halfway its height, right after the laying of the wooden bolt.
The construction now goes on to complete the stone jambs and the upper hinges, this time placed in advance inside specific holes, after taking the necessary measurements.
At the same time, we can place two stone corbels on the outer wall to hold up the new-made lintel.

Adding this last element, the stone frame is now finished. And given that it's the lower one, this is the first outside door to be completed in its full height.

A few details on the inside wall and the very own shutters are still needed, like the varnishing of the door or the addition of an iron bolt to close it when the wooden bar is not set.

As for the stone structure, I have to build a segmental arch to place it above the small compartment of the door. The arch will be assembled as always on a cardboard mold, and then fixed to the wall only when finished...

slate, vinyl glue, contact glue, iron wire
pincers, tweezers, sandpaper, hacksaw, cardboard roll, anvil and hammer
SIZES (in cm):
height on the outside: 5,1
height on the inside: 5,8 (impost); 6,5 (rise)


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