[ENG] Construction 85: Wooden handled axe

25/02/17 | ۩ |

by Viollet-le-Duc
In the previous post I said I'd be making the axe, but to be precise it is an hatchet. The difference (according to what I read on the web) seems to be that the axe has a longer handle and needs to be used with both hands.

Anyway, the model that inspired me comes from an illustration found inside the old book  "Le mobilier médiévale" (the medieval furniture) by Viollet-le-Duc.

An iron foil found on the beach some time ago turns out to be useful to make my hatchet, as it looks strong and thin enough.
At first I try to clean its surface with a metal cleaner, but it results in a waste of time. So I start to polish it with a metal file, removing the first coat of oxide. Now it looks partially clean and shiny, but not too smooth.

Wooden handled axeWooden handled axe

On a side, its shape reminds me already to the head of an axe. I only need to cut it and working warily with files to obtain a perfect blade.

Wooden handled axeWooden handled axe

Now I can beat it with hammer to make it smoother and fold its "tail" to insert the wooden handle. It is made with a small twig without bark and cut to fit.
I place it into the eyelet, closing it with pliers with no need of glue.

Wooden handled axeWooden handled axe

Wooden handled axe

Now I have the saw and the hatchet, so I just need something to cut...

iron foil, dry twig
clamp, metal files, pliers, pincers, tweezers, anvil and hammer
SIZE (in cm):
lenght: 1,9
blade: 0,7


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