[ENG] Construction 84: Crosscut saw

07/02/17 | ۩ |

The construction of the under-stair closet goes on quickly. It will be probably the first room of the ground floor to be completed. This fact forces me to think about the interior decoration and the making of some new object to furnish it.
No woodshed makes sense without a good log pile and some tool to cut them, so I'll start with the constrauction of a saw.

There's not much to tell, after all it's a very simple tool: a long serrated blade with wooden handles at both ends.
In spite of that, the making history of the blade is a bit troubled. At first I try to make it with a thin iron bar found on the street (no idea about what it was), carving the teeth with the Dremel cutting wheel.
The result is satisfactory, but necessarily irregular.

Then, watching some old pictures, I notice that the teeth were usually perpendicular to the blade and not oblique, as to say: I need to make crosscut teeth and not rip teeth.
So I'm about to repeat the operation with a new iron segment, when I realize that I could recycle a real saw blade to make my miniature!
A few days ago, the blade of my hacksaw broken off and the scraps still lays into the litter bin.

A simple segment of this blade, reduced in height to fit the scale, looks more convincing than the first one, although the teeth are oblique once again.

As for the handles, my idea was to wrap both ends of the blade over wooden sticks, but folding the steel turns out to be impossible. The blade has been made to resist mechanical stress and it breaks rather than blend.
To turn my work easier I'll make handles with iron wire, fixed to the blade with a drop of contact glue.
So, no crosscut teeth and no wooden handles, but this is how it looks in the end:

The scale is not so clear in this picture as it lacks of a recognizable reference. In the next post you'll see the saw again and the making of a new tool. I'll use an euro cent coin so to set a better relationship between the object and the "real" world.
And now, what are we waiting for? Let's go to make a miniature axe!

contact glue, iron wire, broken hacksaw blade
table clamp, Dremel tool with cutting wheel, tweezers, pincers, anvil, hammer
SIZES (in cm):
lenght: 2,6
blade height: 0,3
handles lenght: 0,8


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