[ENG] Construction 82: The tower (part 2)

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As the perimetral walls of the Domus keep growing, the tower start revealing its shape.
As I said, it is made with stones less regularily shaped than the slate blocks which compose the rest of the building. Consequently, the construction of the walls requires a more careful selection of stones, as a further adjustment would be very difficult due to their hardness.

The reinforcing wire is the same I used on the whole structure, but considering that the tower will double the height of the main building, standing out alone in its upper part, I decide to insert an additional support.
It will consist of two steel threaded rods, inserted inside two of the four corners of the tower. These "pillars" will be the skeleton of the tower until 2/3 its height.
Once the walls reach the middle of the supports, I will insert two more rods into the opposite corners until the top of the tower, making it really earthquake-proof (read "relocation-proof" at a 1:50 scale).

Regarding the structure of the tower, the construction goes on simultaneously to the other elements of which it is made: the woodshed and the staircase. The stone walls connect with the slate blocks, outlining the corners on the side facade of the building (as a consequence of the changes I made to the base of the tower and described in the previous chapter).

And now it's time to stop writing and keep laying stones...

stones, cement, vinyl glue, steel threaded rods, stainless wire
tweezers, sandpaper, files, pincers, hacksaw
SIZE (in cm):
rods lenght: 96 / 2
diameter: 0,3


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