[ENG] Construction 81: Stone walls (3) - progress

15/12/16 | ۩ |

This post has the purpose to take stock of the situation and to show the vertical development of the structures at this level of the ground floor, without lingering on any specific element.

The stone cutting for the construction of the walls goes on at the same pace as the construction of the structures described in the last few posts. Course after course the walls keep growing, giving shape to the rooms inside the house and to the front pillars.

At the same time I extend the "rebar" inside the walls, adding a new wire segment when the old one is reached by the stones.
Obviously, jambs and  intersection between walls prove to be the most problematic elements. Sometimes the height of two different courses doesn't match and the insertion of a smaller custom made block is necessary to restore the horizontal line of the wall.

Another essential step is the horizontal leveling of the walls after the laying of each course. Without this simple trick, every little flaw would be increased row after row, giving as a result a lopsided wall.
Of course this operation is not so easy with the harder stone used to build the tower, but I add sometimes a well-squared block to make the work simpler.

As the construction goes on, it's necessary to keep the project in sight and verify from time to time the measurements, possibly making some changes or new studies if needed. So will be possible to visualize the final look of the structures, avoiding unwelcome surprises.

Once the outer walls reach the wanted height, I take some time to drill holes into the front pillars to insert the iron rings. When the main means of transport was a horse (or a mule) these rings were used to tie the reins while the owner was inside the store or attending to some other matters around.
Most alleys in Genoa were quite narrow, so the circulation of horses and mules was not permitted anywhere and was regulated by special laws. Clearly this street is wide enough to allow the stand of a "vehicle"...

As a final note, here I add a pair of pics where you can see the growing of the walls (now at eye level) inside of the future loggia.

slate, gravel, vinyl glue, cement grout, iron wire
tweezers, sandpaper, files, hacksaw, pincers, brush, sponge, drill, accessories for Dremel


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NJCL ha detto...

Amazing work, I've been following this build for a while now. I make miniature terrain for gaming, but this is just a whole other level of craftsmanship. The stonework is absolutely stunning. How much do you think this weighs at this point? Keep up the amazing work! I will continue to follow to its completion.

werner maresta ha detto...

Thank you!
The last time I weighed it, the scale sentenced ±40 Kg, but that was many months ago...

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