[ENG] Construction 80: The under-stair closet (2)

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In the last chapters I worked on the warehouse and the main entrance, so now I'll resume the construction of the under-stair closet, therefore of the tower into which it's placed.
The structure remained untouched for a few months, but in the meantime I decided to make some small changes.

The brick wall between the main woodshed and the closet is crossed at weist height by a small opening, similar to the door of the water cistern. This makes the closet barely accessible. Although the room is very small, it could be used to storage wood or other stuff, so the passage of a person must be allowed.
My first action after resuming the work is to dismantle part of the wall, recycling bricks to make three small steps.

After that, the walls start again to grow, just as the stone staircase, and in a short time I reach the top of the opening. Instead of a brick arch I'll build a stone lintel to close the passage till half width of the wall. The other side will be closed with a similar stone placed at a higher level, following the slope of the steps.

By contrast, on the perimetral wall of the tower the door of the woodshed will be crowned by a brick segmental arch. It will be clearly visible from the back of the Domus, while the brick wall and the steps will remain barely noticeable.

After the varnishing of the walls I only need to extend the stone staircase to complete the construction of the woodshed.

slate, Das bricks, vinyl glue, cement, waterar
tweezers, sandpaper, files, pincers, brush, sponge
SIZE (in cm):
door of the woodshed: 2,5 x 4,5
door of the closet: 2 x 3,9
woodshed (at floor level): 2,9 x 7


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