[ENG] Construction 79: Doors of the warehouse (2)

06/11/16 | ۩ |

Once the construction of the wooden shutters has finished, I need to work on their placement inside the Domus.
I just need to find the exact point where the stiles will be placed, take my Dremel tool and start drilling.

Is not oil what I get but a big amount of dust, especially when the bit reaches the cement base under the threshold.
Anyway the work goes on without hitches and I can easily make the four holes an clean the dust with a dry brush.
Now I can try to place the doors to verify their accuracy, moving the shutters to their open and closed position.

The doors still lack some few elements to be completed: the left one (looking from inside the room) will be equipped with a turning plank that will work as a bolt, matching two holes carved into both jambs.
The right one, instead, will be closed by a long iron bolt, but the jambs will be prepared with similar holes in case a stronger lock is required.

Lastly, a thin coat of transparent varnish (not shiny) will protect the wood from the atmospheric agents, giving it a darker color.
But we will see that at a later time...

In this short video you can get a glimpse of the basement and the warehouse under construction. Quality is not the best, but I hope you'll enjoy it!


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