[ENG] Construction 74: Stone staircase (part 1)

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The construction of the under-stair closet has been described in a recent post, so we can have a look at the actual staircase that, step after step is heading toward the upper floor.

This time I don't use bricks, the staircase will be a full stone made structure. And with "stone" I mean the grey slate, the material par excellence of the Domus project.
Now I'm using a new kind of stone for the construction of the tower so I need to specify every time of which one I'm talking about to avoid confusion.

The composition of the staircase is quite simple: every step is made of a single slate block, put on top of the previous one. At the same time the steps are connected to the walls and remain visibles from the other side. Here the blocks are rounded and form the sloping ceiling of the under-stair closet.

This first flight will bring to the mezzanine, from where a second parallel flight will go up in the opposite direction till the first floor, the so-called "piano nobile". Both flights will be housed into the perimeter of the tower and closed by stone round arches.
The following picture is a suggestion of what the entrance and the access to the staircase could look like when the construction it's finished. I made it adding all the missing parts with Photoshop over the last picture above.

Back to the real construction, the making of the staircase takes a long time to allow the glue to perfectly dry and the side walls to grow around it. The structure is tightly bound to the walls, as the steps are inserted directly between the stone blocks.
The staircase has been previously drawn in real scale obtaining the card you can see in the picture below. It's very useful to set the slope of the stair, along as a reference for the construction of the under-stair room.

The steps are made using irregular shaped slate scraps. They're a sort of cutting test wastes, all presenting the same height and only needing to be cut along two sides. To give them their final shape I use the hacksaw  or the Dremel with diamond wheel. The sedimentation of the stone, in fact, runs parallel to the horizontal surface, making the manual cut (with pincers) very imprecise.

In this first stage I reach the sixth step. The staircase is slowly taking form, but to go ahead the construction of the woodshed must be completed first. This will be the first room of the ground floor to be closed and unreacheable by hands.

These pictures are the last shots made before the long spring break, caused by the total relocation of the building site.
The Domus will keep growing, but watching a new and farther horizon (actually, just a few blocks away)...

slate, vinyl glue

tweezers, sandpaper, hacksaw, Dremel

SIZE (in cm):
width: 2,5
steps (full piece) 3,6 x 1,8
(rise/tread) 0,5/0,6


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