[ENG] Construction 71: Floor of the warehouse (part 3)

01/06/16 | ۩ |

Let's give the finishing touches to the floor of the warehouse before the growth of the walls .

The laying of the stones on the cement base (as seen in the first part) gave shape to a cross, marking the squares that I had to fill with bricks. Only the row on the back side remained a bit behind due to some irregularities of the underlying wall.
Now that the whole floor is placed I need to fix the wall, cutting the lacking blocks and preparing the cement base.
This band of stones runs across the outer border of the Domus, replacing the back wall of the warehouse. Or maybe the floor could continue with more brick squares, extending its lenght inside the hill... but that's out of my sight.

In the meantime, along the left side of the warehouse (looking from behind), I lay some other stones in a row. It's not slate, this time, but hard gravel.
The wall I'm going to build there is part of the tower, and its structure will remain visible from inside the warehouse.

But I'll talk very soon about it. Now let's take a look to the last making stages of the floor:
Some brush strokes of cement slurry are required to fill the joints between every brick and between the floor and the walls. Then, drying time and polishing.
A line of blocks has been placed also along the right side, completing this way the construction of the outer steps.

Then, as the brush is still wet and the slurry abounds, I lay a coat of cement over the loggia.

slate, gravel, cement slurry, vinyl glue

tweezers, sandpaper, file, pincers, brush, sponge


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