[ENG] Construction 69: Courtyard door (1) - stone steps and jambs

18/01/16 | ۩ |

Once defined through the studies the presence of a door between the warehouse and the courtyard, I can take all the necessary measurements and start its construction.

The first step, previous to the laying of the floor, is the partial demolition of the wall. In fact, I need to remove some blocks from the last course to insert the first stone step.
There will be only two steps instead of three as supposed in the drawing above (it was made roughly without any measurement). Both steps present the left corner rounded and reach the wall of the adjacent building on the right side (it is perfectly perpendicular to the door).

The doorstep and the jambs are made using the same method tested on the main door and the warehouse's. The stone frame is smaller than the inner compartment, which has been designed to hold the shutters while the door is open.
Although its smaller width (1,30 meters in a 1:50 scale) it will be also a double leaf door. The shutters will be hanged to the walls through iron hinches like in the previous examples.

As the wall slowly grows, I complete the structure of the jambs, always trying to insert bigger stones into the weak points and avoiding to match the vertical joints with the junctions of the underlying blocks.
For that reason, it's also necessary to put some L shaped stones into the corners. Cutting those blocks needs a square file and a little more precision.

After my previous experiences, I should have remembered to insert the hinches into the walls early... But this time again I realize I didn't do it when it's too late.
I'll need to fix this before the wall will grow further...

slate, vinyl glue

hammer and chisel, tweezers, sandpaper, flat and square files, hacksaw

SIZES (in cm):
door width: outer frame 2,6; inner frame 3,8
wall width: 2,5; door frame 1,9
outer steps: height 0,4; width 5,6 and 4,9
doorstep: 0,3 on the outside and 0,1 on the inside


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