[ENG] Construction 68: Floor of the warehouse (part 2)

15/01/16 | ۩ |

In this second post about the paving of the warehouse, I'll show you the laying of bricks inside the empty squares around the stone cross (see previous chapter for details).
The bricks will be arranged in the opus spicatum style (herringbone), already used for the basement floor.
Every square is about 6 x 6 centimeters, that is a small and regularily shaped area. Only one of them could present some additional difficulties, where the manhole of the underlying vault opens to the ground floor. It will need a smaller amount of bricks, but the herringbone arrangement will be harder to set in the narrow corners left free by the manhole. I'll start working from here.

Although with some hesitation during the application (I must rearrange the bricks a couple of times) I succeed in filling this first square in a reasonable time.
I continue working on the second square delaying the finishing of the edges and leaving the glue enough time to grip the smaller parts along the borders.

The second square is easier to fill, and so is the third. Then I can take a break.
This gives me the perfect excuse to show you the real size of the Domus. The small cup of my coffee seems a giant UFO over the mini-building site!

Ok, end of the coffee break. I fill up the last square and consequently the whole floor of the warehouse. Now only the old ritual of PGV (polish, grout and varnish) will be required to give the floor its final look.

To polish it, I use both manual and electrical tools, depending on each case. The Dremel tool with a sandpaper disc (made by myself) is very convenient to smooth out the surface, levelling off the bricks. Then I keep working manually until every brick square reaches the level of the stone stripes. The slate surface necessarily gets scratched again, but I can fix this by polishing the whole floor with a very fine grit sandpaper. That's also the reason why I still didn't glue the base of the column, as it would had impeded the movement of my hand during the operation.

After rubbing energically the surface in every direction, I remove the dust with a brush and the floor reveals itself to be perfectly uniformed and smooth to the touch.

Well done! But now I need to take another break, a little longer than the previous one. Some other matters remained unattended and has to be done before the completion of the floor...

Das bricks, vinyl glue

tweezers, coarse and fine grit sandpaper, metal files, dry brush, Dremel 300 with flex shaft and sandpaper disc.

SIZES (in cm):
bricks: 0,3 x 0,8
brick squares: 5,7 x 5,7
warehouse perimeter: 13,4 x 17,5


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