[ENG] Construction 67: Floor of the warehouse (part 1)

10/01/16 | ۩ |

Taking the cue from some pavements seen in genoese buildings (for example inside the porticos of Doge's Palace and the Commenda of San Giovanni), I decide to build a floor using mixed media. The area of the warehouse will be divided in four squares by two perpendicular stripes of stone sheets. The stripes will ideally cross each other under the base of the column, following the grid pattern of the underlying vaults.
The space inside the squares (one of which includes the trapdoor) will be cobbled with bricks in the style of opus spicatum, as already done for the basement floor.

After taking all the necessary measurements, I start cutting slate to make the big stone cross, along with the thresholds of the doors. I'm also working on the outer stairs of the side door, but we'll see that part in a future post.

Once all the pieces are tested in place, I prepare the concrete base for the floor, levelling it very carefully and then leaving it to dry.

The laying of stones starts from the middle of the cross. The base of the column, still unglued, is used as a touchstone for the placement of any other piece until the perimeter is reached.

When this operation is completed I can polish the surface to level possible protrusions, but the rest of finishing touches is postponed to after the laying of bricks...

slate, quick-drying cement

pincers, putty knife, sandpaper, hacksaw, pencil, rule, bubble level, spray glue, vinyl glue

MEASURES (in cm):
stripes width: 2
lenght: 13 - 13,7
thickness: 0,3
base of the column: 2 x 2


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