[ENG] Construction 65: Marble cutting tests

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In an old post where I described the different kind of stones I'm working with in the construction of the Domus (here in italian), I claimed white marble was too frail to be carved in small pieces like columns and capitals.
However, I still didn't face the construction of any element using that material, except for the stone framed manhole of a vault.
Now I'm working on the two-coloured column (made with marble and slate stone) for the main warehouse, and it's essential to carry out some previous test.

I select a square section marble stick, cutting superficial grooves on every side with an hacksaw (the blade, very consumed, was changed just before the test).
Now that the cutting line has been set, I place the chisel over one segment and I cut the stone with a single blow.
I could even cut it entirely with the hacksaw, but it would be a waste of time (and of cutting blades).
Another good option is the use of Dremel tool with dimond wheel, but the amount of dust that it raises is not compatible with my actual studio, the living room.

This cutting method reminds to me to the real system used in quarries to cut marble blocks. First of all the stone was carved along the cutting-line, then some wooden poles were inserted into the cracks. Once the wood was soaked, it enlarged provoking the stone to break.
If the cut had been made correctly, the block split without more efforts.
Of course then was necessary to carry it to the working site, something really easier for me!

After this first test, I deal with the making of an octagonal tile that could already be the base of my column.
I use a big carpenter file to remove the corners, paying attention to not grate my fingers (it always occurs).
A smaller file will be used to give the piece the finishing touches and to work on the  mouldings.
Unfortunately, when the base is almost finished, one of the corner breaks, maybe for a stronger file stroke. I'll have to go back over it...

But this test was not a waste of time. Now I know that working with enough care even marble can be carved into small pieces.
The construction of the windows tiny columns will be another matter. In that case I will probably use an artificial stone, hard to cut but very strong to break.

But there's a time for everything...


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