[ENG] Construction 63: Stone benches and warehouse's doorsteps

19/08/15 | ۩ |

I'm going to build now two stone benches along the walls of the main loggia. I knew similar structures are placed outside St George's palace in Genoa, unfortunately the pictures I found on the web had  a very low resolution so I let my imagination run pretty much free.
The result is not so different from to the original model. I've been recently there and I took some pictures (see below). Neverthless, it's not exactly the same bench because of its shape and the lack of a stone step between the bench and the main floor.

Probably in the future I'll try to improve it, just as I done with the stone columns, rehashed so many times to achieve the expected result.
But let's see now the way I proceed with the construction:

When I was laying the floor of the main loggia, the shape of the benches was aready marked on the ground and two pieces of slate were placed to keep the position. Now that the walls are growing up, I can align more stones to form the base of the bench.
A slimmer sheet of slate is laid over the second line of blocks, its outer edges rounded and slightly jutting. This will be the seat of my bench, made of a single piece.

I work on a bech at a time, completing the right one first. That's because I fell behind with the opposite wall due to some changes to the original project.
Once finished this bench I repeat the same operations with the left one and the result is identical, but specular.

To end the work on this area I close the wall frame measuring and cutting the pieces for both doorsteps of the warehouse. There will be two double-leaf doors, wide enough to allow the transit of goods in both directions. The opening system will be different from the main door, but for now the thresholds are very similar to the doorsteps of the entrance...


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