[ENG] Construction 62: Paving of the loggia (part 3)

16/08/15 | ۩ |

Last post for the making of the floor inside the main loggia of the Domus.

After the preliminary studies and the laying of stones, operations carried out inside home, I'm going to move outside to make a big dust cloud. The time has come to polish the surface giving the pavement its final appearance.

As I said in the previous post, I kept the walls at a lower level than the floor to let my hand move freely when working with sandpaper. The first attack, though, will be done with the Dremel tool equipped with some home-made polishing discs.
The stone sheets are well glued to the base, but the thickness of every tile is slightly different from the others so I need to flatten all the surface. The high rotation speed of the electric tool allows me to smooth the rough edges off easily than by free hand. What's more, the white tiles are quite frail and could break under a heavy pressure of my fingers.

After this summary smoothing, I pass to the sandpaper sheet (a coarse one), sanding all the surface in every direction. I hurt myself with the reinforcement wire of the walls, arising from every corner. Only after many scratches I realize I can bend the wire toward the outside to avoid the problem (better late than never).

Third session of pavement polishing, this time with fine sandpaper to eliminate all scratches from the stones. I also work on the stone steps to give them a slightly rounded shape and uniforme the upper surface with the floor.
Now the pavement is smooth.

And to finish, some touches here and there with the Dremel tool again, polishing the retouched areas with fine sandpaper and removing dust with a damp cloth.

Here is the finished pavement. It still needs to be grouted with cement to fill the empty spaces between tiles, but it looks exactly like I imagined it.


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