[ENG] Construction 61: Paving of the loggia (part 2)

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So, to sum up: in the first part I chose the pattern and the materials to build my stone floor, then I made some test with slate and pattern composition and I drawn a pencil sketch of the main loggia.
Once finished the planning stage, is time to start the real construction placing the first stone sheets.

I draw a 45° grid with a pencil over the concrete surface, as a guideline for the laying of stones. I'm cutting slate manually using pincers and polishing every single piece with sandpaper.

After an initial hesitation I start placing the tiles, but removing some unfitting pieces I realize that the base doesn't hold the glue very good. Concrete is dry and dusty and it's too easy to tear off the tiles.
I try to solve the problem spraying glue all over the surface, and the work can goes on without any further hitches.

Tiles are all the same size: some are thicker, but that's not a problem: I'll polish all the surface when the laying has finished. That's the reason why I'm completing the floors before the walls grew. The lack of walls will allow me to work comfortably with sandpaper without any corner hampering my hand.
We'll see this at a later time. Now let's go back to the making of the floor and the laying of the first white tiles.

The assembling of the whole floor has been completed within two working days, but with an interval of one week (my fabulous winter's sundays), dividing the surface approximately in two equal parts.

I designed two stone benches along the side walls of the loggia.
The floor must be cut following the shape of the benches, still not placed for the reason I explained before.

Here is how the floor of the loggia looked at the end of the second working sunday:

And the morning after under the sunlight:

slate, ceramic tiles, vinyl glue, spray glue

Pincers, sandpaper, tweezers

(still to measure)


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