[ENG] Construction 59: The Black Cat (part 5) - Propitiating rite

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It's finally time to write the last chapter of this story.
I'm talking about the poor Cagliostro, the black mice closed in a cage inside the building site.
As I thought, the spanish monk, friend of the customer's wife is now in Italy. They told me he arrived yesterday night in Genoa on his way back to the homelands of Castile, escorted by a maniple of papal armigers. After a night passed in the Commandery of St.John of Prè, he met his faithful admirer and spent the whole day in spiritual retreat (at least that's what they say)...

A few minutes ago a boy came here to deliver a message from the Lady, where she explains in detail the required arrangements to perform in the best possible way the ritual asked by father Samater. Tonight is the right time and it would be impossible to wait further, as it must be done under the full moon.
I'll try to satisfy her again, although very reluctantly, but when the moment comes, they'll must go along without me. I don't have the slightest intention to join this superstitious nonsense. In my career as a builder I made dozens of buildings, some big, some small, and it's never been necessary to carry out any propitiating rite, least of all animal sacrifaces. At most I've heard some prayer to the Virgin Mary made by the new lodgers...

Anyway, here is what they asked me to prepare:

This parchment, made from an old rice-paper lamp and rolled up on a toothpick, carries the latin words of the invocation the monk will read during the rite.
They'll need two candles too, and the cat, lightly narcotized with the last cup of milk.
After the reading the parchment will be burned up and the cat will be walled up alive inside the Domus. Once dead, his spirit will remain bound eternally to the building, carrying out the role of guardian and protecting it from bad spirits and misfortune.

To make the rite effective is essential to spill a drop of blood of the master builder (yes, it's me) and at least one hair of a real black cat.
The first ingredient has been poured already when I was cutting stones and accidentally wounded my finger. A drop of blood fell from my right index precisely over the cat, smearing his muzzle.
I achieved the second element from one of the famous cats of the Alhambra, who came to rub up against my legs, leaving there some of his long hairs.

Nothing's missing now, so before the dark monk arrives I say goodbye to all of you. Tomorrow when I'll be back to work, I hope this story will be permanently over.

Here is the text of the rite by Guarnerius Samater, just in case some of you wish to read it with him.

 "Repello te, spritus nequam; tibi denuntio
per Deum verum, ut exeas ac discedas ab
hoc loco, neque huc unquam redeas; tibi
impero in nomine Illus qui te superavit
ac devicit in patibulo crucis, cujus virtute
in aeternum revinctus fuisti et allegatus.
Tibi praecipio ne unquam deinceps omnes
habitantes in hoc habitaculo perturbes.
Visita quaesumus Domine,
habitationem istam, et omens
insidias Inimici ab ea longe repelle;
Angeli tui sancti habitent in ea, qui nos
in pace custodiant et benedictio tua sit
super nos semper. 
Per Christum Dominum nostrum. 

"I forswear you, evil spirit
In the name of the True God
To get out and away from this place
And to never come back.
I command you in the name of who
defeated you and who conquered the Cross
and to which power you are eternally
 wrapped and bound to.
I command you to leave forever
any inhabitant of this house.
Please Lord visit this home
and remove all the Enemy's pitfalls;
Could your holy Angels live in it
protecting us in peace and Your blessing 
be over us forever.
For our Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe I've heard some steps in the alley, they're probably here. Good luck, I'm running off!


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