[ENG] Construction 58: Vault filling and underground walls

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The illustration to the left, taken from the book "Histoire d'une maison" by Viollet-le-Duc and freely colored by me, reproduces exactly the state of the Domus at this stage of the work. You can see the brick vaults of the basement, completed and framed by the stone walls.
After growing the walls till the ground level, the builders are now filling the vaults and preparing the base for the ground floor.

This is how the back side of the Domus looked like after completing the wall grid, the walls still empty on the inside:

And here, immediately after the filling of the cavity with gravel and cement:

This wide square area divided by a cross formed by the underground arches and the stone walls, will be the base for the main loggia. Here will be set the doors of the storehouse and the big pointed arch, a key element of the facade.
To fill the vaults I'll use small gravel and the remains of a cement pack that left me unsatisfied due to its low strenght. Its only purpose here will be to serve as a base for the ground floor, so I dare to use it again.

When this first pouring is dry, I cover it with a thick coat of cement (now the good one), obtainig a smoother surface over which I can lay the tiles of the floor.

To be honest, I'm not doing all this alone. I'm assisted by two workers who finish levelling the surface while I keep the concrete wet spraying water over it.

I was concerned about a possible moisture infiltration that would compromise the resistance of the vaults (as the das clay is not water proof), but fortunately nothing happened. I poured over the vaults a coat of glue to reinforce them and this eventually created an addictional protection against moisture.

When the two little men will be over with their assignment, we must wait for the concrete to dry and then we'll start working on the floor of the main loggia...

quick-drying cement, gravel, pebbles, slate, vinyl glue

palette knife, putty knife, Mario and Luigi

SIZE (in cm):
inner perimeter of the loggia 13,8 x 13,4 - walls thickness 2,5


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