[ENG] Construction 56: Main door (2) - Hinges and bolts

30/04/15 | ۩ |

Second chapter dedicated to the construction of the front door. While in the first part I worked on the wooden frame, now it's time to add all the iron parts to complete this element of the entrance.
Following the same method tested in the making of the cellar door and other iron works, I set up the pieces to put on the door: 6 hinges, each composed by a hook (walled in the jamb) and a bar with a looped end, 2 shorter hinges for the little door, 2 bolts to lock both the main and the little door , a vertical bolt to lock the right shutter and many U shaped hooks to fasten the sliding parts.

At a second time I'll check for the need to insert another vertical bolt to lock the shutter to the lintel, or a wooden bolt crossing the door from one jamb to the other as a further safety measure.
Of course this is not a castle's door, but due to the peculiar organization of the city in private enclaves and the belligerency of the rival clans, it's not a bad idea to be cautious...

This time I'll use vinyl glue to fix the hinges, trying to avoid bad looking smears. Unfortunately I don't succeed completely and this glue proves not to work well with iron. For the moment I go through this way, then I'll try to replace it with a stronger glue (now I'm using a contact glue), cleaning at the same time the surface of the door.

Now the little door has taken place inside the left shutter and can be open independently from the main door. The bolt also is working good, sliding through the three rings inserted by force in the soft wood with a drop of glue.

On the smaller door, a little metal plate imitates a keyhole. This is just a visual suggestion because the small size doesn't allow me to go beyond. On the outside, though, it presents a little slot where a micro-key could get in... (we'll see it in the next chapter).
I'd like to make that key before the final delivery to the customer, a long time in the future...

By now the door is almost finished, only the studs are missing. But that's another post!

rusty wire, a metal foil (part of the buckle of an old key chain, vinyl glue

anvil, hammer, tweezers, pincers, clamps

SIZE (in cm):
main door's hinges: 2,4 (including the looped ends), little door's hinges: 2, small bolt: 2, big bolt: 3, keyhole plate: 1,1 x 0,5


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