Construction 55: Main door (1) - wooden framework

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I've been studying for a while different solutions for the main door. Its construction was not imminent (the floor was still unfinished), but I wanted to figure out how it could look like, just remembering the troubles found assembling the first door.

This one must have a stronger and more refined appearance, as it is the main door of the Domus and not a common door or a service passage.
The width of the opening drives me since the first moment to draw a double-leaf door, with a practical smaller door cut out into one of the shutters, where a person can easily get in without opening the bigger door every single time. Of course it proves to be practical for the residents and not for me. As usual, I'm messing up things losing myself on minimal details!

While the cellar door was a simple shutter with a wooden frame on a side, this time I'll need a double layer. The planks will be aligned horizontally on the outside and nailed (glued) to the inside layer, where battens are aligned vertically, as shown in one of my reference books (Manuale del recupero di Genova antica).

The small door will open on the left shutter (looking from the outside) and the structure will be hanged to the wall with iron hinges. 

A last detail will be represented by the visible studs on the outer battens. The use of button head rivet was a common solution at that time, so I'll need some little spikes with rounded top or something useful to give to achieve that effect...

Anyway, let's start the construction of the door from the early stage: that is the plank cut. I will use a different kind of wood, tested for the first time when I made the first cistern wooden door.

This operation is carried out using the cutter, with a new blade to obtain a more precise incision. Not every plank gets a perfect shape, or "not every donut gets a hole" as we say in Italy (Non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco). Fortunately I'm not short of raw material and when I reach a good number of pieces I can select the best ones and cut them to the right size.

Now I can assemble the shutters starting from the right one. The left part, harder to build due to the little door, is made at a second time, when I reached some more practice.
The width of the horizontal battens is higher at the bottom of the door and it decreases in the upper part (another detail found on my manuals).

Assembling the planks we must consider the "stop" between shutters, a little step where the door leaf lay in close position. It's not easy to explain with my english, but it's clearily visible in the pictures below.
This way the shutters will match without leaving open splits.

So I would say the carpenter's work is over (for now). Next time will be the turn of the blacksmith...

wood, vinyl glue

cutter, palette knife, clamps

SIZE (in cm):
right shutter: 6,6 x 2 x 0,4
left shutter: 6,6 x 2,3 x 0,4
little door: 3,4 x 1,5


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