Construction 53: Main entrance threshold

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Now that the cobblestone floor is finished, let's go back to the main entrance.

A first row of stone is placed all along the perimeter, framing up this way the checkerboard pattern of the floor.
Now it's necessary to set the threshold and the doorstep. The difference in height between the floor and the street level is covered by three steps: two from the street to the loggia and one more to get into the house.

In these studies you can see various sketches of the entrance and some of its elements, among which the main door and the doorstep are clearly visible.
Basing on these drawings and the measuring I made on the structure, I can start cutting the stones in the appropriate shape and sizes to make them fit perfectly.
The first assembly test is made without glue to confirm the precision of the cut and give the finishing touches with files and sandpaper. Then comes the final laying.

Stone after stone the entrance is taking form and the parts of the treshold where the main door will be mounted are slowly springing up.

To avoid the mistakes I made in the making of the first door, I'll have to insert the hinges into the jambs before the construction of the wall. Then will be possible to place the door and the walls will raise around it, blocking definitively the hinges.

In this part of the perimeter is clearly outlined the threshold, built inside the front wall. It presents a step on the outside (4mm high - 20cm in full scale), while on the inside there is a 2mm step used as a jamb for the door.

Slate, vinyl glue

Pincers, hacksaw, files and sandpaper

SIZE (in cm):
Outside step: width 4,6 - height 0,4 - depth 1,1
Inside step: width 4,6 - depth 0,7 - difference in height from the outer step: 0,2
Door width: 3,5


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