Construction 50: The Black Cat (4) - into the cage

06/02/15 | ۩ |

Excuse me if I dwell on this cat issue, but while it's still open I can't go on with my work. The builders waste their time going after the cat and trying to prevent another escape... moreover, the commitment and his wife could be here at any moment, and I hope this does not happen until we accomplished what we pledged after their last visit!

I must use the materials at my disposal to build a cage where the cat can be locked in, and to make it safer I'll set it between the tower's base walls. I'm not working there right now, even if I placed the first lines of stones. I'm hoping honestly that the poor animal (I heard somebody called him Cagliostro) will not be yammering too much and that the commitments will act soon, whatever they have in their mind!

To build the cage I'll use some thin wooden strips made from a disposable bowl of a vegan take-away (!). I cut them with my cutter weaving a sort of grid, glued on two sides to a harder stick. The resulting structure is rather flexible, so (although with a little effort) I can bend it to a "U" shape to insert it into the ditch between the stones.

Meanwhile I attracted there the cat with a cup of milk. To be sure he couldn't escape during the assemby of the cage, I layed a drop of glue under his butt, as you can see in the picture below.
Then the wooden grid has been sealed with two big stones on both ends and now the kitten is really trapped.

And speaking of the devil...
A few minutes after the closing of the cage, here is the customer entering the site! Fortunately this time he left his harpy wife at home and the conversation has a more quiet tone.
His embarassment for what happened the last time we met is evident and although he tries to display his authority, he's nothing but the mouthpiece of his wife. His presence here today is a further proof.
As he sees the cat in the cage he seems to relax, commending me for my good work and ignoring completely the new structures under construction.

The idea of placing the cage between the tower walls seems to anticipate an expressed request of his wife. The woman, a very devout christian and faithful follower of the Church's precepts, seems to be in contact with a spanish frail called Guarniero Samater, who warned her many times against the power and the tricks of the feline race, especially the black cats. Those, in his words, would be "emissaries of the devil", and their presence in a home or town would announce every kind of tragedies.
It seems to me a nonsense and a very counter-productive thing. The part the cat plays in a domestic environment is all but negative and I take the liberty to point it out to him, although not exactly with those words. He seems to think like me, but he's determined to fully play his role of loyal dog and can't dare himself to contradict the witch.

To make a long story short: the cat must remain locked and waiting for further orders of the frail. Yes, because he's in Italy these days to meet the pope, and on his way back he'll stop by in Genoa for a few days, hosted by the lords in their old palace. During his visit he'll drop in to see the Domus with his following to give it his blessing and drive the bad spirits out.

I think that day I'll go for a walk.

a thin wooden bowl, wooden sticks, vinyl glue, a dry bean (for the milk bowl), stone

cutter, palette knife (to lay the glue)

SIZE (in cm):

strips: width 0,2 - thickness ± 0,1
ditch: ± 4 x 2


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