The black cat (3): Escape attempt

23/01/15 | ۩ |

After the events related in the last post through the words of our master builder, it was clearily necessary to do something about the cat in order to avoid the anger of our commitments (especially the pious and hateful lady).

I was working then on the floor of the small loggia, a highly demanding task. Moreover, as I told, I didn't intend to do anything personally, delegating everything to the master builder or someone on his behalf. That was the agreement since the beginning, with the exception of a single case: if the internal matters reach the outside world, then my intervention is required.

A few days passed without knowing anything about the cat. I asked the builder for some news, but he confirmed he hadn't seen the cat neither since the day of the visit. it seemed gone.
"He'll be back" I thought, remembering how he liked to hide himself into the cavity between the walls or in dark corners, looking almost invisible due to the dust.
Then a doubt caught me: what if he was trapped in a wall and I accidentally concreted him? On the bottom of the cavity often remain some pieces of slate and stones I cover with cement without bothering much...
The mystery thightened and the doubt gripped me. Furthermore, such matter started worrying me seriously, because I didn't know what to say to the commitments if they asked me. I know the lady had nothing good in mind for the poor feline, but my due was simply to close him in a cage and look forward for further instructions, and I had to do it as soon as possible.

I looked for him everywhere: in the cellar, in the underground tunnel, in the guardhouse, between walls and vaults under construction... nothing. The call to drink a cup of milk was worthless too. I extended the search to the "outer world": under the table, all over the floor, under my tools, among the bricks and the stones... nothing again.
I thought he was lost. There was a last trump to play, even if it was a dirty game. After Christmas holidays, (days of full working on the construction site), I tried to give back to my living room a decent look,  putting every tool in its place and cleaning the table from dust and wastes. Could the cat took advantage of all that mess to melt into the stones and escape from the site on board the dustpan?
In that case I had to open the garbage bag, closed a few days before and parked on the terrace in wait for a willing person to bring it downstairs. Fortunately I always separate domestic wastes so it takes some days to fill a bag of garbage and the same time to throw it to the trash can. Thumbs up for the laziness!

Equipped with patience, obstination and a palette, I poured the bag over the terrace floor.

At a first scan I didn't see anything intersting. Only orange skins, eggshells, a rotten pomegranate, used paper tissues and more foulness I don't want to name here. I decided then to look to every single piece separately, dividing the "already seen" objects from the "still to see" ones with my palette. At the end of this operation I still had found nothing, but I started a new scan in the opposite direction, concentrating on a spot where I had seen the stones and the slate dust. I "felt" something in there, even if my eyes were not seeing it still.

And finally, there it is! Melt into the cofee dregs and the pomegranate seeds, the mice was still, hoping to keep unseen.
I'm sorry, my dear. Now I've got you and you cant't fuck me over!

After this big scavenge adventure, I moved back everything to the bag and bathed the cat to bring him back to the Domus.
Now I must put him in a safe place, but the bars of the guardhouse are too wide. I need to work out something and I have to do it quick...


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