The black cat (2): An unexpected visit

17/01/15 | ۩ |

You've already seen the cat I released in the cellar and the good task he's carrying out to defend my pantry from the rats... Well, to all appearance my idea has not been appreciated by the customer's wife, a very devoted and superstitious person, and here below I'll relate you a note that the master builder sent to inform me about the last incidents:

"My noble Lord
it's important to me, as your humble servant, to inform You about some recent events that I think might merit your attention.
A few days ago, the Customer and his Spouse appeared unexpectedly at the construction site, and with the view of the cat she had a sort of conniption. Between high screams and quotes from the Gospels, she tried finally to hit the animal throwing stones and chasing him with a stake.
Then, realizing she was unable to catch the animal, she demanded the backing of her husband who, in turn, looked like a tiny twig, incapable to resist to such a fury.
I didn't understand the reason for a similar hostility to the felines, especially the black ones. She babbled something about pagan idols and the Devil's emissaries, blessing herself repeatedly with the Cross of Our Lord as if simply pronunciating his name she could burn into the eternal fire of damnation. What a hellish crone!...
Even the saggine brooms used by the workers to clean the entrance floor, aroused her anger. I still remember her words: "The obstinate cleaning of humans and things is a symptom of vanity and represents a mortal sin, as well as it allows the evil spirits to enter our homes!"
And then blessing again and whispering prayers in latin...
Now it's clear to me the reason of the vile smell the lady carries on her. Free from sin, but also from the weekly bath!

In the meanwhile her husband, clearly mortified by all that row in front of the workers, managed to get the promise out of me that I'd get rid of the cat very soon. My efforts to explain the high benefits of his presence were useless. I know he thinks as I do and all this issue is a lack of common sense, but as You know, my Lord, we both are tied to our permanent commitments: some of us with his noble Spouse and some others with the labor Contract. That's why in the end I buckled under the last request that I'm going to describe.

Before they returned to their hearth, our Beautiful Lords remained standing aside and muttering excitedly. The husband with his expansive gesture displayed his authority, but when he finally talked to me, I realized he yelded before the will of his crone wife.
"Let the feline be alive, but closed in a safe place and well feed until new orders." he said.
In good faith, my Precious Lord, I can easily foresee the sad fate of that poor creature. If this is the pledge we must pay to make the works go on, we'll pay it for sure with no delay or regrets.

So be it, then! Let's get rid of the cat and let's everybody see for himself the awful consecuences of such a fool decision!
Waiting to know the final will of the crone, I give my homage to Your Immense Lordship"

Your Ever-Faithful and Humble Builder

What more can I say? I don't want to stick my nose into such a thorny matter, so I can just observe what's going on around the construction of my Domus.
We'll see then how this story will go on. Whatever happens, in the end, it happened ages ago and we can't do anything to prevent it...


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